WalkerHughes Insurance Names Indiana Dream Center 'Charity of the Quarter'

6/9/2022 | Stephanie Marsh

We are excited to announce that WalkerHughes Insurance is proudly partnering with Indiana Dream Center as our agency's ‘Charity of the Quarter’ in Quarter 2 of 2022. 

About our Referral Program

At WalkerHughes Insurance, there is no higher compliment than a referral.  A referral indicates that we have met the mark for our customers and that they are satisfied with the service provided.  We are pleased when our customers trust us enough to recommend us to those closest to them.  We know how important friends and family members are, and we promise to treat yours as if they were our own! 

For every customer referring friends and family members that complete a no-obligation insurance review us, we will send you a $5 Starbucks e-gift card to treat you to a coffee or a cake pop if that is what you prefer!  As part of our referral program, we will also make a matching $5 donation to our agency’s ‘Charity of the Quarter’.  The purpose of this program is to help organizations close to the hearts of our employees while providing our customers the opportunity to not only receive a coffee on us, but to also help a worthy cause by referring their friends and family.  In addition, this also gives us the opportunity to promote awareness of these organizations in our communities through our online presence. 

Why Indiana Dream Center?

Indiana Dream Center was nominated by WalkerHughes team members Robert Gonser and Kathleen Rakoczy as our agency’s Charity of the Quarter.  Robert and Kathleen are both Account Managers in the Huntington office who have seen all the great initiatives that Indiana Dream Center has been hard at work on in their community.  When WalkerHughes was accepting nominations for the Charity of the Quarter program, Kathleen quickly submitted Indiana Dream Center.  “They do many outreach programs for Huntington County community residents. One that impressed me very much was the ‘Back to School Bash,’ where they provide to school aged children new shoes, socks, backpacks, and vouches for clothing to be used at the Indiana Dream Center thrift store. Their store offers a variety of items at affordable prices and will help those who can’t afford household items for their apartment or homes when times are tough. That was the first thing I heard about them, and I was like that is really neat they would do something like that because no one has ever done something like that before," stated Rakoczy. 

About Indiana Dream Center

Indiana Dream Center was founded by Pastor Jeff Carrell and a group of local individuals who saw a need for a facility for people to recover from life controlling issues and dream again. What once began as a shelter in 2010, transitioned into a Men’s and Women’s Discipleship Home. After COVID-19, the Indiana Dream Center began to see needs and gaps within our community and began to serve in those areas. The organization now exists to restore hope and awaken dreams in the lives of people and in communities. Whether the need is poverty, falling on challenging times, navigating an unexpected situation, addiction and recovery, or just looking for where to go to get help, the Indiana Dream Center is here.

The Indiana Dream Center provides various programs and connection to services that help offer a pathway to transformation. Programs include the Back to School Bash, like Kathleen mentioned earlier, and others such as: community service opportunities, diapers and wipes, drug testing, food pantry, Hope 61, notary public, intensive outpatient program, grief support group, homelessness assistance, revive center, online counseling, and pregnancy crisis support/hope unlimited, just to name a few. Through outpatient classes Indiana Dream Center provides attendees with a licensed counselor and a safe environment to help discover the cause and effects to the life controlling issues. The goals of outpatient classes are restoration, assisted healing, freedom, hope, and real transformation.

How Can You Help?!

  • WalkerHughes Customers: If a friend or family member mentions insurance woes or you think we could be of assistance to them, please send them our way!  We will send you an e-treat, hopefully help your friend or family member by providing them with a no-obligation insurance review and then make a $5 donation to Indiana Dream Center.
  • Friends and Family of Indiana Dream Center: If you or any members of your team would like to review their insurance options with our team, let us know!  Simply mention ‘Indiana Dream Center and we will document that in our system and include a $5 donation to Indiana Dream Center for every referral. 
  • WalkerHughes Employees, Friends, Family and Community Members: Please help us spread the word!!  We will have promotional material on our social media pages, if you could like, comment, or share that would help us increase our reach and get the word out. 

Thank you, Indiana Dream Center, for everything you do to help food insecure Hoosiers!  We appreciate your contribution to our community and are proud to partner with you on our referral program!

For more information on the organization including how to donate or volunteer, Indiana Dream Center’s website is linked here.