Homeowners Insurance

"Home is Where Your Stuff Is"

That may not be how the saying goes but its equally true. Our team of experts will make sure your home (and your stuff) is protected in the event of a disaster.

Protect your largest investment

Our experienced insurance professionals specialize in insuring all types of homes. Our policies start by covering the basics, with Property and Liability and can also provide additional protection for those extra special items. We can tailor policies to take into account high-end collections, such as art, silver, wine, jewelry and more for damaging events, such as windstorm, fire, theft, vandalism or injury.

Home coverage consists of two basic coverages:

  • Liability Insurance insures you if someone gets hurt on your property. It also follows you off premises and can provide coverage for physical or property damage you may cause.
  • Property Insurance insures your structures as well as your personal property.

Additional Types of Coverage

Medical Payments: Provides coverage for someone injured on your property without a need for litigation. Very handy when the mother-in-law falls in the shower and you need to help cover her medical deductible.

Personal Articles Floater: increased coverage for your special items in your life. Whether it be jewelry, sports memorabilia, golf clubs, etc. This coverage might help ease the blow if you have to tell your spouse junior flushed his/her wedding ring down the toilet.

Other Structures: Covers the structures not permanently attached your house. So if your shed gets struck by lightning.... you can get a new shed.

Water Back-up: Covers damage caused by water coming due to a failed sump pump or drain backing up. With this coverage you can build that man-cave in confidence.

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