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"On the road with peace of mind."

Whether you're hauling the kids around town in a minivan or are taking your high-end sports car out for a spin on a weekend drive, we offer Personal Auto insurance policies specific to your particular needs. Our staff will go over your options, including the limits on your Auto policy to see if they adequately address your liability exposure, your deductibles and any coverage enhancements you may need.

What Drives You?

Whatever your answer, we are driven to insure it! We work with a wide variety of companies to help find the right policy and coverage for you and your family. Automobile insurance is one of the most heavily advertised forms of insurance out there and between cartoon army characters, green geckos and people in white aprons, we can easily be distracted away from the serious business of protecting ourselves, our financial interests, and those we care about. We want to bring the focus back to where it belongs and that starts with focusing on you and your family's needs.

Knowledge is Power

We want to be your guide to the insurance world, and to do that we want you to understand the coverages that make up your auto insurance policy. Below are the basic coverages that can be included in you policy.

  • Liability Insurance: This is what keeps you legal. State law requires Liability coverage for all vehicles on public roads as this covers the costs of the other party's injuries should you be at-fault in a car accident. However our goal is not to just get you legal, we want to help you prepare for the worst and you never have to use it. While we all think it will never happen to us (and we certainly hope it doesn't), having proper liability coverage is a must to help protect your assets in todays world of increased medical costs and high frequency of injury lawsuits.
  • Property Damage: Again, this is coverage that applies to the other persons property that you have damaged with your car. If you crunch into someones Lexus, Pinto or Living Room, you are going to want this coverage.
  • Medical Payments: Helps cover costs for your passengers injuries. Enough said.
  • Underinsured and Uninsured Motorists Insurance: Now we can start to talk about the coverages that apply to you as the insured (after all you are paying for this policy). This coverage will apply to damage and injury to you or your vehicle may have that is caused by another driver who does not have enough insurance to cover the damage.
  • Comprehensive insurance: Let's talk about getting your car covered when it's damage. Comprehensive coverage (AKA "other-than-collision") applies when your vehicle is damaged by something largely outside of your control (i.e. you hit an animal, hail storm turns your car into a cheese grater, someone takes your car (without your permission) for a joyride to the bottom of a lake, etc.).
  • Collision Insurance: Last but not least on this list, Collision coverage applies when your car is damaged regardless of fault (yes, even yours). Whether you crash into a mailbox or you hit that slow car in-front of you at the drive-thru; collision coverage can help get you back on the road.

This is by no means a complete list, but it is a good start of the basic coverages available/required in your auto insurance policy. Our team of personal lines professionals will be happy answer any questions you may have as well as tell you about a few other coverages not on this list.

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