WalkerHughes Insurance Names Fueled for School ‘Charity of the Quarter’

10/20/2021 | Stephanie Marsh

We are excited to announce that WalkerHughes Insurance is proudly partnering with Fueled for School as our agency's ‘Charity of the Quarter’ in Quarter 4 of 2021. 

About our Referral Program

At WalkerHughes Insurance, there is no higher compliment than a referral.  A referral indicates that we have met the mark for our customers and that they are satisfied with the service provided.  We are pleased when our customers trust us enough to recommend us to those closest to them.  We know how important friends and family members are, and we promise to treat yours as if they were our own! 

For every customer referring friends and family members that complete a no-obligation insurance review us, we will send you a $5 Starbucks e-gift card to treat you to a coffee or a cake pop if that is what you prefer!  As part of our referral program, we will also make a matching $5 donation to our agency’s ‘Charity of the Quarter’.  The purpose of this program is to help organizations close to the hearts of our employees while providing our customers the opportunity to not only receive a coffee on us, but to also help a worthy cause by referring their friends and family.  In addition, this also gives us the opportunity to promote awareness of these organizations in our communities through our online presence. 

Why Fueled for School?

Fueled for School was nominated by WalkerHughes team member Dennis Trusty.  Dennis is the Director of Technology at WalkerHughes Insurance.  While attending a company meeting, the referral program and our partner organizations came up, and Dennis immediately sent an email submitting Fueled for School.  The organization is very near to his heart and household as it was founded by his wife, Kristina.  Kristina gives countless hours to the organization and Dennis volunteers as well, often called upon to pick up large food donations or food purchases with donated funds. 

About Fueled for School

“Teachers have been feeding kids for years, packing extra food in their lunchbox for field trips, this idea is nothing new” stated founder, Kristina Trusty.  Fueled for School came to life when a small group of Noblesville teachers came together to create a strategic plan on how to feed food insecure youth in the community.  Fueled for School is powered by its volunteers.  Young adults with special needs learn on the job skills as they train making meal packs for students.  Teachers come to the pantry after their full day in the classroom, joined by community volunteers, and students as young as kindergarten.  At the end of every pack, a group of drivers consisting of stay-at-home moms, small business owners, veterans, and retired community members pick up the meal packs to dive them to the schools for delivery. 

The meal packs weigh two-and-a-half pounds and are placed into the backpacks of students in the program by counselors.  They consist of hearty, healthy food items that small children would be able to prepare for themselves such as oatmeal, fruit cups, granola bars, mac and cheese, chicken noodle soup, and more.  The food items selected are all done so based off student feedback on what they like to receive in their packs.  During COVID-19, Fueled for school quickly responded by transitioning from a weekly to a DAILY meal program for food insecure youth in the community.  During that time frame while school was out of session, they provided more than 25,000 gallons of milk to children in their hometown and have sent out roughly 575,000 pounds of food to date. 

The WalkerHughes marketing team got the pleasure of visiting Fueled for School’s pantry to observe the team at work.  The evening that they were at the pantry, a 2nd grade student at the school brought in the proceeds from his lemonade stand that he hosted as a fundraiser for Fueled for School.  He volunteered that evening with his mom and presented his donation at the end of their pack.  He had his funds inside a cardboard treasure chest, the Fueled for School staff did a drum roll and he proudly pulled out over $2,000 that he had raised selling lemonade to donate for his classmates.  “Student involvement is really the heart of the program.  You’re going to see every week dozens and dozens of students who are going to be here working at the pantry.  We like to say, if you’re going to teach a lesson in empathy, the best way to do it is to have children serve their peer group,” states Trusty. 

How Can You Help?!

  • WalkerHughes Customers: If a friend or family member mentions insurance woes or you think we could be of assistance to them, please send them our way!  We’ll send you an e-treat, hopefully help your friend or family member by providing them with a no-obligation insurance review and then make a $5 donation to Fueled for School.
  • Friends and Family of Fueled for School: If you or any members of your team would like to review their insurance options with our team, let us know!  Simply mention ‘Fueled for School’ and we’ll document that in our system and include a $5 donation to Fueled for School for every referral. 
  • WalkerHughes Employees, Friends, Family and Community Members: Please help us spread the word!!  We will have promotional material on our social media pages, if you could like, comment, or share that would help us increase our reach and get the word out. 

Thank you, Fueled for School, for everything you do to help food insecure youth!  We appreciate your contribution to our community and are proud to partner with you on our referral program!

For more information on the organization including how to donate or volunteer, Fueled for School’s website is linked here.