WalkerHughes Insurance Names American Heart Association ‘Charity of the Quarter’

9/15/2022 | Stephanie Marsh

We are excited to announce that WalkerHughes Insurance is proudly partnering with American Heart Association as our agency's ‘Charity of the Quarter’ in Quarter 3 of 2022. 

About our Referral Program

At WalkerHughes Insurance, there is no higher compliment than a referral.  A referral indicates that we have met the mark for our customers and that they are satisfied with the service provided.  We are pleased when our customers trust us enough to recommend us to those closest to them.  We know how important friends and family members are, and we promise to treat yours as if they were our own! 

For every customer referring friends and family members that complete a no-obligation insurance review us, we will send you a $5 coffee e-gift card to treat you to a coffee or a pastry if that is what you prefer!  As part of our referral program, we will also make a matching $5 donation to our agency’s ‘Charity of the Quarter’.  The purpose of this program is to help organizations close to the hearts of our employees while providing our customers the opportunity to not only receive a coffee on us, but to also help a worthy cause by referring their friends and family.  In addition, this also gives us the opportunity to promote awareness of these organizations in our communities through our online presence. 

Why American Heart Association?

The American Heart Association was nominated by WalkerHughes team member Carole Beadle as our agency’s Charity of the Quarter.  Carol is an Account Manager in the WalkerHughes Employee Benefits department and works out of the Indianapolis office. She has a personal connection to the American Heart Association and is impressed by all the resources that the organization has to help people navigate heart disease as well as prevention.  

When WalkerHughes was accepting nominations for the Charity of the Quarter program, Carol quickly submitted Indiana Dream Center.  “I think a lot of the education pieces, to me, is what really stands out because they provide so many resources like education about the disease itself. The prevention standpoint, which is really big, especially now when it’s pretty much an epidemic here in the United States with people and heart disease. And then the tools. They help people with smoking cessation and that type of thing. Any kind of counseling they need, nutritional counseling, all those pieces are something they bring to the table," stated Carol. Carol also stressed the importance of healthy lifestyle choices and preventative healthcare with genetics being a major factor and diagnoses occurring much earlier than in the past.

About American Heart Association

The American Heart Association was founded in 1924 by a group of six cardiologists. The organization has grown into the nation’s oldest and largest voluntary organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke, which are the top two leading causes of death worldwide.

For nearly one hundred years, the American Heart Association has been fighting heart disease and stroke and helping families and communities thrive. Here’s a look at some of the American Heart Association’s impact:

  • 6% Reduction in Deaths from Stroke (Since February 2018)
  • 1% Reduction in Deaths from Heart Disease (Since February 2018)
  • 12 MILLION People Reached by Nutrition Improvements in 44 Communities
  • 19 MILLION + Patients Benefiting from a Quality Care Initiative for High Blood Pressure
  • 22 MILLION People Trained in CPR Each Year

 With a mission ‘to be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives,’ the American Heart Association has invested more than $4.8 billion in research, making it the largest not-for-profit funding source for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease research next to the federal government. Support the American Heart Association by participating in events to raise money and awareness in your community, volunteer if you prefer to give time more than money, use your passions to create a fundraising campaign, or donate either personally, through corporate donation, honor and memorial gifting, or leaving a legacy donation.

About the Heart Walk

WalkerHughes is excited to participate in the 31st annual Indianapolis Heart Walk at Victory field on October 1st. This event raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for the American Heart Association and celebrates survivors of heart disease and stroke. We are excited to not only have an opportunity to get members of our team together outside of working hours for a heart healthy activity but also excited for the opportunity to fundraise for such a wonderful cause! We will be also launching a companywide steps challenge in conjunction with the heart walk to focus on heart healthy habits amongst our team!!

How Can You Help?!

  • WalkerHughes Customers: If a friend or family member mentions insurance woes or you think we could be of assistance to them, please send them our way!  We will send you an e-treat, hopefully help your friend or family member by providing them with a no-obligation insurance review and then make a $5 donation to American Heart Association.
  • Friends and Family of American Heart Association: If you or any members of your team would like to review their insurance options with our team, let us know!  Simply mention ‘American Heart Association’ and we will document that in our system and include a $5 donation to American Heart Association for every referral. 
  • WalkerHughes Employees, Friends, Family and Community Members: Please help us spread the word!!  We will have promotional material on our social media pages, if you could like, comment, or share that would help us increase our reach and get the word out. 

Thank you, American Heart Association, for everything you do to help not only Hoosiers but all Americans!  We appreciate your contribution to our community and are proud to partner with you on our referral program!

For more information on the organization including how to donate or volunteer, American Heart Association’s website is linked here.