A Legacy Worth Continuing | An Interview with Dan Lipp

4/26/2023 | Damian Marciniak

The WalkerHughes Legacy

At WalkerHughes, we strive to positively impact our communities. Our legacy agencies were founded upon commitment to their local communities, and our team is dedicated to maintaining that same level of commitment. Whether small or large, growth through acquisition integrates a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and resources within our organization. On December 1, 2022, General Insurance Agency, Inc. of Bluffton, IN, joined WalkerHughes Insurance. We sat down with former agency owner, Dan Lipp, to see how things are settling in after the merger.

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At WalkerHughes, we look to find innovative ways to highlight the strengths of the agencies we have acquired and leverage those strengths across our entire footprint. We identify the things that our legacy agencies do well and empower them to do it better. WalkerHughes is comprised of dozens of former agencies with hundreds of years of service and commitment to their communities – a legacy we are dedicated to maintaining for decades to come. 

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